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Some coincidences we arent meant to understand. And some things arent coincidences.

Can a moment be defined - as fate or coincidence? The people who have touched our lives; the choices we've made; the many turns we could've taken, but didn't; have all led us to this moment. For Russian immigrants Yulia and Sasha, this moment arrives on the eve of their upcoming wedding in America. As they reflect on the fateful ways they met and the journey that brought them together; from random acts, to deliberate choices, and the pivotal people who helped along the way.

Like many in a diaspora, they yearn to share their wedding celebration with the friends and family that remain behind overseas. Sadly most of them cannot make the long journey to attend. It's a challenge that seems insurmountable, until the night Sasha presents Yulia with one simple gift - an old Russian nested doll - the ubiquitous MATRYOSHKA. A family heirloom that comes with a very powerful message, one that inspires Yulia to action. All alone, Yulia travels back to their Russian homeland to create a special video of the friends and family left behind - a thoughtful surprise to share with everyone at their wedding, including Sasha. Challenges arise immediately upon her arrival, but one is seemingly solved by a mysterious local driver at the airport. As Yulia's journey unfolds, questions unravel like the MATRYOSHKA, layer upon layer. Is his presence fate? Or just coincidence? Is he all he seems to be? Some coincidences we arent meant to understand. And some things arent coincidences. Written and directed by Kevin Shahinian, MATRYOSHKA was shot over six days on-location in Moscow and guest stars Evgeniy Volovenko and Olga Prikhodko. Inspired by true events.
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